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Download and print your color copy (the bigger, the better!) Then hang it on the wall and watch your happy moments multiply! =)


Many calendars are for scheduling, to-do lists, and moments of gratitude, but this one only asks one thing... what made you happy during the course of your day? What brought a smile to your face? What gave you joy?


When we write down the happy moments as they happen, it can lead to finding more of them in our lives. It can lead to discovering new desires, new dreams, and new ways to live a fuller life. Being able to see those happy moments within an eye's view can also help us remember the amazing gifts we receive every day. We tend to focus so much on what goes wrong in our day, but imagine what could happen if we focused on everything that went right?


This calendar is my New Year's gift to you. Write down everything and anything that made you feel good each day. I hope it helps you find what makes you happy and brings you joy!


Happy 2023!



HAPPY NEW DAY "What Made You Happy Today?" February 2023 Calendar

SKU: 4102023001
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